Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) & Cultural Mapping

Inter-Cultural Intelligence

Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) combines the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable you to accurately assess inter-cultural situations in order to interact effectively – and thus successfully manage work and teams in inter-cultural environments.


Because culture exists on the deepest level of a person’s perceptions, it influences nearly every interaction that people have on a day-to-day basis. Understanding different worldviews and cultural dimensions as well as your own “self-culture” and corporate “self-culture” provides a key to navigate an increasingly global world.
Before you can effectively implement change and growth, you must have a clear and accurate understanding of yourself and others. We give you a competitive and collaborative advantage by making cutting-edge global expertise relevant to each context and local environment in which you operate.
We help you accomplish this through internationally recognized psychometric assessments, administered on-line prior to the workshops.
We offer a profound expertise in ICI, with more than a decade’s experience of working globally in more than 50 countries with both nationals and expatriates. Training on intercultural intelligence goes hand in hand with team and individual coaching.