I liked Elke’s technique and her manner of working: she didn’t tell me what to think, but by asking me various questions, she led me to the answers that had been always in me. After just two sessions, I felt like I had more space in my life. I felt I had a new toolbox at my disposal to help me build a life that is characterised by satisfaction instead of frustration, freedom instead of fear, and hope instead of anxieties.
I came to Elke because I needed breakthrough in my life concerning certain thought and behaviour patterns. I could see that they were wrong but I struggled with changing them: no matter how hard I tried, I felt it was beyond my strength to do something about them as they always came back. Elke helped me to expose the paradigms in my thinking that I never questioned because I believed they were the only option. She also equipped me with tools that enabled me to build new paradigms, new ways of relating to myself, others and life. It was like being given a new mind!
Learning that I had a choice about what goes into my head made me feel empowered; being given practical tips and exercises made me feel excited about my life.

Katia Hryharuk,
Assistant to Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities Trading Team at Sberbank CIB, UK