“Since the moment I began working with her, Elke has had a profoundly positive effect on the quality of my life. She blows me away every session with her ability to listen, encourage me to think critically and allow me to gain a greater understanding of the conflicts in my life, guiding me towards discovering the tools that allow me to take action.

By no means is it easy, one has to put in conscious effort to make changes in one’s life. However, I can confidently say that after working with her, I am more in touch with myself, have greater connections with friends and family and have found greater happiness in my life than ever before. Thank you Elke, I look forward to what the future holds :)”

Lucas Thomson
Athlete, Team GB

Elke has the rare gift of listening between the lines. She hears what you don’t realise you’re saying and asks questions that help you cut to the heart of the matter and understand yourself better. I have no hesitation in recommending her highly.


The longer I work with Elke the more I realise what a profound effect she has had on my thinking. Even if you come to her believing you will be honest about things, be prepared for some very real shocks when a true mirror is held up in front of you. Most powerful for me has been finding a language to encapsulate the inner me, which brings a freedom from years of telling unhelpful stories about myself as a method of protection. She has a very special combination of talents and character which are focussed on bringing transforming change to her clients, and for me, it works.

John Renfrew
Company Director at Right Way Up

Whether it’s face-to-face, via Skype of by phone, I really recommend anybody who would like someone alongside for a while, to think with them, come up with new perspectives, think outside the box, realising dream, and more, to connect with Elke and enjoy some great professional mentoring and coaching.
I met Elke during a five day residential coach-mentoring training in Ireland in January 2015. The training was delivered by Elke and two of her direct colleagues. I thoroughly enjoyed this training. Elke was clearly the driving force behind the curriculum. Elke ‘lives’ mentoring; she has a passion for helping people grow and help them set and achieve targets. During the training I enjoyed a great mentoring conversation; this was great, in the way that it didn’t actually feel like a mentoring conversation but more like a friend who comes alongside you.

Anton De Zeeuw
Project Management at Cisco Systems

Thank you for the superb job you did in facilitating our leadership session.  It was very tricky subject matter and you handled us and the conversations with great skill and tact.  Not everyone has the ability to be able to get to the heart of what’s going on without dishonouring or alienating the people involved.  I have since recommended you several times.

Andrea Johnson
Director of Operations St Paul’s Church Hammersmith

Elke is one of the most inspiring coaches I have had the fortune to meet. She is very knowledgeable about coaching theory and the psychology of coaching, and importantly to her clients, she has empathy in spades. She combines genuine curiosity with an inquisitive mind and will challenge and stretch people who ask her to work with them. As a fellow coach I rate her skill, insight and compassion very highly and know my collaborations with Elke are always going to be interesting, warm, fun and thought provoking. It is a pleasure recommending Elke, and I do so without hesitation.

Flo Van Diemen Van Thor
Coach. Mentor. Facilitator.

It is fantastic working with Elke. When I started with her, I couldn’t even articulate what I needed/wanted to sort out, I just knew that I was in a bad place and something needed to change. She helped me sort through all of that in such a way that things were resolved for now, and I was strengthened for the future. She has been gentle, insightful, kind, challenging (in a good way!) and given me so much to ponder on. I really cannot recommend her highly enough. Every time I’ve finished a session with her I’ve felt ‘light’, and like I’ve been in a spa session! If there was a trip advisor rating for Elke, she’d be getting 5 star reviews!

Sarah Anthony
Thrive Director at Innovista

Elke is a highly intelligent, thoughtful and compassionate individual. It has been a huge pleasure getting to know her and benefitting from her support and challenge over the past 2 1/2 years. She combines real insight with creative and practical solutions, is very client focussed and manages to balance support and challenge with plenty of humour too.
I would whole-heartedly recommend her.

Helen Hawken
VP Production and Development, Factual at Discovery Networks International

I’ve worked with Elke personally as my coach, as well as getting her to lead some of my team away-days and coach a number of people in my team. She demonstrates a high level of knowledge and expertise in coaching and was particularly adept at assisting us through a period of change and uncertainty. She is great at making people feel at ease and comfortable and leads the way in creating a trusting and open environment. She can also challenge thinking and mindsets and help people to consider new ways of approaching an issue. I’d recommend her for a range of training, learning/development and coaching.

Sue Willsher
Acting Joint Head of Public Policy, International Development, Tearfund

I would highly recommend Elke as a Coach. It was very enjoyable and rewarding to work with her. She coached me for 4 sessions and helped me progress in my work, my thinking and my life plans in a really good way. She is highly skilled and also very friendly, personable and encouraging. I would really recommend Elke if you are keen to explore ideas, work and future plans and would value some coaching to help you to do this.

Matthew Currey
Associate, Advocacy Group, Tearfund