MBTI Workshop Testimonials

mckay“The manner in which you communicated and enabled us to see how we are all quite different in our personalities and then practically helped us to see that no one type or combination is better or worse, but equally good and fine. This was a great leveller. Personally it helped me to appreciate that way I am and function and at times causes me personal frustration is ok, equally the other personality types that cause me frustrations are also OK! For me, not only did it help me understand myself a wee bit better, but it gave me insight into other different personalities, types and how they function. This is most helpful when interacting with as many different team members as I do. I now see team and members differently and have a more understanding approach to those who function quite differently to me and why they do. This helpful insight transfers from my church involvement role to my corporate role to my family role. I just hope that people understand me and my personality little better also!!!!”

Don McKay, Head of Onshore construction, EDF Energy

“The most important aspect for me was that MBTI personality inventory is not just a test, a form to fill in, but the opportunity to talk things through, to have someone who asks questions, gives examples and is a sounding board. In a time when my life seemed to be quite chaotic that helped me to sort things out and get back on track. Some relationships improved because I understood our differences and could develop other ways to communicate more effectively.”

Heike Lippmann, European Freedom Network, London

juliff“Everybody wants to be in a meaningful and enjoyable role where they are using their gifts and natural preferences. Sadly, many of us find ourselves in positions that don´t enable us to thrive. The Myers Briggs personality inventory helps us to become more self aware, and identify our preferences to make informed choices and changes to our lives. Elke Hanssmann has considerable experience in listening, interpreting and guiding the process, and I would well recommend you to take the time investment to use this important tool to reflect on your own life and work. Elke´s grasp of some of these issues and the preference survey is in my opinion, one of the best kept secrets in our organisations today!”

Andy Juliff, HR Director

Colin“The afternoon I spent doing the MBTI assessment was very valuable. I will be processing the substance of what we covered for many years to come. I’ve done many different “tests”, but this was the first one someone did it as an interview and then simply used the indicator to verify. It was personally very helpful in highlighting the particular area of the way in which I process information and make decisions as I moved into the new leadership role I’m now involved with. I have already seen the benefit of adjusting the way I communicate decisions and thought processes”

Colin Phelps, South Africa

“Having previously completed an abbreviated version, I was not so sure how much to expect from the full assessment as far as new revelations was concerned. However, working through first the self assessment with Elke and then comparing it to the word/phrase assessment I was greatly encouraged to gain some new and valuable insights into who I am and even more importantly, why,I am. Thoughts such as “but I want to be a thinker” come to mind as some of the more stimulating insights that I grappled in. Throughout this process it goes without saying that it is invaluable to have someone who can ask poignant questions at the right moment and has skill in reflecting back what may not be so clear when first said. In this regard Elke was fantastic. Engaging, understanding, compassionate and insightful, she helped me look carefully at ‘the layer below’, those thought patterns that influence behaviour without being well defined. I would recommend the Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment to anyone, and even more so Elke to walk you through the process.”

Andrew Burton, Belgium

Weronika“I thought I knew myself pretty well, but it was really helpful to have this special time really set apart and take a closer look at my personality. It was great to realize when and why I might feel frustrated and helpless, while in other situations I could really be at my best. I believe God created each of us in a very unique way, and discovering a little bit more of this amazing, complex design made me marvel at Him even more.
I’ve learned a lot about some of my needs and preferences that I was somehow aware of, but I never knew how to formulate them. All these bits and pieces have now been arranged into a much clearer picture. It is all so worth taking into account, especially when choosing a kind of work and a place to live. The best thing, however, was to realize that it wasn’t only about me. It’s also a very practical tool, enabling to understand so much more about all kinds of relationships.
With our teams and families, we often realize we’re working on the same projects and going through the same situations, but we’re just so different with the ways we react, feel and understand it all. At the same time we all want to love and value other people, and I really hope this experience will help me do just that.”

Weronika Zakrzewska, Poland

shirley“Now I can put my finger on why I was restless and dissatisfied, I know better what to avoid and what to take into consideration in making future decisions. This will certainly help me in regards to making decisions about the next step because I know what dangers to avoid for myself – especially getting into a situation when I feel hemmed in.”

Shirley Booth, New Zealand

“Where it is so easy misunderstand how people are thinking and reacting it was really useful to understand how different personality types think. MBTI framework brought out the different way people think and speak and act. We are all created individually, and we all have our part to play within our Church, our work and our community. Some personality types have gifts for doing one thing and find them easy, others have other gifts. We should be free to enjoy being who God has made us. I thought of the film Chariots of Fire where the runner Eric Liddle says “God has made me to run, and when I run I feel God’s pleasure”. What is it that makes me feel God’s pleasure? I now have a lot of handles on how to work that out. Thank you for the challenge and the investment Elke”

Mike Christian, Veterinary Surgeon